Friday Plot Swap: Love Gone Wrong

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We all know love makes people do strange things.  Some times, really, really strange things...
A British lawmaker's wife was found guilty of burglary Friday after being caught on CCTV stealing a kitten from the home of her husband's lover.
 If you read the article,  you will find this interesting quote: 
The three were involved in an "unconventional love triangle," the court heard.
"It was a love triangle that both women were fully aware of," Jason Pegg, for the prosecution, said.

A Colorado man was convicted this week of hiding raw chicken in his ex-wife's air conditioning ducts and other acts of vandalism that could earn him up to 18 years in prison.

EEWWWW. A package of raw chicken was once inadvertently left in my trunk on a 112 degree day. I think if that stench of evil was filling my house, I would just cut my losses and move!

 A North Carolina couple's first date ended with a bang when a hapless Romeo accidentally shot himself in the leg

I had to include this one because I dated a guy who had accidentally shot himself...twice.  

So, swap with me! Would you use these for comedic value or creepy stalker stuff?  Have any love gone wrong stories?