Weird Writer Behavior

Tell Me Your Story Tuesday
What is your weird writer behavior? 

I have a confession: 

I talk to myself. Pretty much all the time. Sometimes, I talk about what I am doing, sometimes I talk about what I need to do next and sometimes, I talk  about the lives of my imaginary friends. 

My favorite place to do this is in the car.  Thank goodness for the invention of hands-free cell phones! Now at the stoplights, I don't have to pretend like I am singing. 

It also keeps me entertained while cleaning. I've had arguments, first kisses and plotted murder, all while folding laundry, mopping floors and wiping down counters. 

If I ever get the opportunity to be a full time writer, my house will probably be much cleaner! Okay, probably not, but it is one of the possible benefits I keep touting to my husband.
So, Tell Me Your Story. What is your weird writer behavior? Do you talk to yourself? Follow strangers to finish hearing their conversation? Have a computer picture file of people you have never met?