Return of the Friday Plot Swap: How's Your Heart Ticking?

Dawn's Plot Swap

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Before life slapped me around last year, the Friday Plot Swap was my favorite weekly post. Thanks to the magic of Facebook's "On This Day" feature, I've been reminded how much I fun I had with these. And then, some great plots fell in my lap. So this is what I have for you this week. 

How's your heart ticking?

That was one of my mom's favorite sayings. I thought it was appropriate for the two plot bunnies I found this week. 

What could you make out of these? Have you seen any stories that would make good plots lately?  (Click on the titles to see the full stories).

I left my heart in...Ohio? 

A coroner says a heart found in a plastic bag on the ground next to an Ohio gas station appears to be human. This was the one that sucked me back in. It screamed, "How can you read this and NOT have a Friday Plot Swap?" It was right. There is just so much to work with here. Serial killer leaving clues. Bitter ex-girlfriend of lab research assistant trying to sabotage him. What really cracked me up was the comments on the article. One person stated, "It would be easy to mis-identify a heart from a chimp or monkey for a human one..." Well, that clears everything up! Because it's totally commonplace to find a chimp's heart in a Ziploc at a gas station in Ohio. I will admit that I've never been to Ohio so I am in no position to offer an opinion on what may or may not be found in their gas station parking lots. 


I miss you. 

Speaking of hearts, if this video doesn't make yours just swell right out of your chest, you should make an appointment with a cardiologist, maybe a therapist as well. The expressions on these kids' faces say it all and the way he hugs her. It's like his whole world just became right again. Can you imagine the story possibilities here? These two reuniting as college students?  Or the long, twisted path that brings them back to the same airport as adults? Or even just a sweet picture book about the hardship of leaving your friends. *Sniff* I'm not crying. Onions. I bought too many onions. 

So, that's what I have for you today. 

How's your heart ticking?

Got any cute plot bunnies or even scary plot bunnies with fangs trying to lead you astray?  

Happy Friday! 

Friday Plot Swap~ Spring Break Style

Dawn's Plot Swap

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This has been Spring Break week for me! My family and I have done virtually nothing. It has been AMAZING! For our plot swap, I thought I'd offer up some great Spring Break ideas. What could you do with these? 

Fun for the whole family: 

The family that plays together stays together. I'm not sure which is worse. The fact they brought kids along or the fact they were caught because an off-duty police officer was having lunch across the street and thought the woman sprinting back to her car after going in the bank looked suspicious. 

So, romantic suspense: They were robbing the bank to protect their children from a nefarious villain.  
Romantic comedy: The sister of the woman must match wits with the off-duty police officer to prove she isn't guilty. 

Great recreation with friends: 

Mo. golfer survives fall into Ill. course sinkhole
This had to be a terrifying experiences. But, my favorite part is that his friend didn't see him get swallowed by the earth. When he vanished from sight they assumed he'd fallen down a hill, but didn't go looking for him until they heard moaning! 
Horror: The friends never find him and he must claw his way out before the demon beast at the bottom of the hole claws him. 
Time travel: Of course, the sinkhole is a portal to another dimension where he arrives and must solve five tasks (it was a par 5 hole) before returning. 

For the adventurous type:

Did you know there is a book titled "The Thrill of the Chase" in which the author outlines clues to a $2 Million dollar treasure he supposedly hid in the mountains near Santa Fe? 
Well, this woman did. She went looking for it and got lost. She was later found safe.
But, oh, the possibilities! 
What could drive her to risk everything to go hiking alone searching for this treasure? 
What if she'd found it? 
What kind of personal growth did she experience while on the chase? 

Swap with me! 
Got any good plots going?
Great spring break plans? 
Intentions of committing a felony? 

Friday Plot Swap~Mismash Style

Dawn's Plot Swap

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I have an eclectic set of plot starters for you this week. 

Let's start with the cave!

Kids discover underground treasure: a cave in Bexar County

This would make a great middle-grade plot. A"How I spent my summer vacation" type story. Or, a Dawn-would-never-read-this-because-she's-a-big-fat-chicken, horror story about the evil that would certainly lurk in such a place. 


Brazil: police puzzle over 7 gift-wrapped skulls

Creepy. No other word for it. But, oh the possibilities. The article says a woman in a long skirt has been seen leaving the packages. Who is she? Why would she be doing this? Who are the gifts meant for? 

and, finally, 


Applebee’s waitress asks patron for ID, gets own stolen driver’s license in return

What kind of twists could you make out of that? 

So, swap with me. 

Add your story to our mix.

Friday Plot Swap~Text from Last Night Style

Friday Plot Swap~ Valentine's Style

Dawn's Plot Swap

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Need a plot ? Take one

Happy Valentine's Day! 

Could you make something sweet and romantic out of these? 

Roses are red, violets are blue.Name a


for your Valentine,Courtesy of the Bronx Zoo.

Nothing really says, "I love you more than life itself." like nasty, hissing insects!

How you doin'? 

I can totally imagine a scene with a woman crying to her friends, 

"He named a ROACH after me!"

Seniors get their groove on at Valentine’s Dance

Read more here:

The interesting part of this story is that organizers brought in "20-something" rookie football players to make sure there were no wallflowers. 

Perfect set up for a young woman who had to take Grandpa to the local dance and met the man of her dreams... Who hopefully still had his own teeth! 

Especially if her grandpa was like this guy!

12 true stories of romantic trips gone awry

Still need some inspiration? Check out this link. Awesome plot-starter stories. 

I especially liked: 

"Do you wanna touch?"


"Love, Italian-style."

So, swap with me!

Got any awesome love stories? 


Deep down, do you really want to a hissing cockroach after your significant other? 

A False Prophet, a Found King and Oompa Loompas

Friday Plot Swap

Dawn's Plot Swap

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We've got some good ones this week!

Homeless hitchhiker saves the day after driver goes berserk

How'd you like to be an innocent hitchhiker who catches a ride with a man declaring to be Jesus? 

I love how the news article causally mentions, "Oh, yeah, and the hitchhiker had a hatchet."

Of course, why wouldn't he? 

Body found under parking lot is King Richard III

This one is specifically for my time-travel writing friend,

Janet Taylor

Oh, the possibilities. 


historical story of how it got there. 

Maybe a modern psychic who kept seeing a body there?

 The implications for the business? 

A man in Norfolk, England, was reportedly attacked last week by 

a pair of Oompa Loompas


Oompa loompa doompety doo

I've got a perfect puzzle for you.

When Oompas attack,

what will you do?

Bonus Swap: 

This story made my heart happy. I just had to share. 

Conn. couple named 'longest married' in US

They grew up across the street from each other. He used to drive her to school. They fell in love, but her father arranged for her to marry someone else. So, they eloped...and have been married 80 years! 

Sweetest love story ever. 

So, Swap with me!

Could you do something awesome with these? 

What twists would you add? 

Heard any good plots lately? 

Friday Plot Swap~ As Seen on TV

Dawn's Plot Swap

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I went to a workshop once where the presenter compared loglines to the little blurbs you see on your TV guide. Last year, as an experiment I scrolled through my guide for some plot ideas. I decided to give it another try with some different movies this year.
Click on the logline to go to the movie description. 

Friday Plot Swap: Primitive Style

Dawn's Plot Swap

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Need a plot ? Take one.

What could you do with these?

The man decided he wanted to make his home under the boulder when he was 8 years old. He saved his money, bought the land and has lived there with his wife for 30 years, raising seven children.  What would their life be like? What if one of their children was accepted into a prestigious school and left home? What kind of culture shock would he/she experience?  

A Harvard professor says that by injecting Stone Age genes into a human embryo — and then implanting the embryo into a human surrogate mother — it will soon be possible to create a living Neanderthal.

In the past few days, the scientist has come out saying he isn't actively searching for a woman for this experiment. But, the science fiction implications of that kind of procedure are endless. What if the baby disproved everything we know about primitive man? What if the woman was meant only to be a surrogate and give up the baby to some scientific organization, but decides she can't. Then, takes the baby and runs? 

This is my favorite this week. Scotch, bottled in 1898 and left behind during a failed expedition in 1907 was found perfectly preserved in frozen crates during 2010. After extracting a sample to be used to recreate the formula, the bottles are being returned to where they were found as a tribute to the explorers.  
Stories, stories everywhere!
The story of the expedition. 
The story of finding the bottles
The story of the team recreating the formula.
What if someone wanted to steal it? 
The story of the team returning the bottles.

So many different plots! LOVE IT!

So, swap with me!
Read any good plots lately? 
Have any abandoned plots you want to drop off for adoption?
We accept all kinds. 

Friday Plot Swap~ Solid Gold Style

Friday Plot Swap

Dawn's Plot Swap

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Need a plot ? Take one.

Have I got a story for you this week! 
Can it be a coincidence both of the stories came out within days of  each other? 
I think not. 
This just begs to written

That could be an awesome story alone. Think of all the people who have to be planning and scheming how to steal even just a little of this money right now!
But, then you have to read this!

You know who is plotting to steal it?

What a great plot! 

Think of these characters: 
  • The reluctant thief who is only involved because he/she plans to use the loot to do something noble. 
  • The daughter of a former thief who wants to pull of a heist to shed doubt on her father's conviction. 
  • ooh, even better, the daughter of an former thief who infiltrates her father's old crew to pull off the heist and leave them hanging just like they did her dad. 
  • The police officer who just knows the tunnel robbers are going to make a move on the gold and wants to be ready for them. 
I could do this all day!
What do you got? 
Swap with me! 

Friday Plot Swap~People are crazy.

Friday Plot Swap

Dawn's Plot Swap

Have a plot? Leave one.

Need a plot ? Take one.

First, a little music to inspire you today. 

The song would make a pretty good plot itself. But, 

today's swap is inspired by the chorus: 

God is great.

Beer is good.

And, people are crazy. 

Let's start with Mars, shall we? 

Definitely want to read the fine print on this one!

So many places this story could go!

Then, we can move on to stupid crazy.

Serial Bank Robber's Love Letter Helped Convict Him

This guy's escape and crime spree could be a novel in itself. Guess he thought so, too. He wrote out every detail and sent it to a (hopefully, former) girlfriend. 

My favorite part is that at the very end of the letter, he asks her to send him $100. Run, sweetie. Run now! 

This just screams "creepy, stalker suspense!" What if the girl didn't even know him? Or if he is a long ago ex-boyfriend? Or, if all of it was a distraction so a different crime could happen? 

We'll end our swapping journey with just crazy, crazy. 

Man arrested for barking at police dog

The headline is slightly misleading. The man was already handcuffed and in the back of a cruiser when they brought a drug dog to search his car. Clearly, the man responded in the best manner possible barking and growling at the dog. 

I'm sure the officers loved that! 

Swap with me!
What kind of craziness is going on in your plot? 
Or your world? 

Friday Plot Swap~Love gone wrong style

Dawn's Plot Swap
Have a plot? Leave one.
Need a plot ? Take one.
I knew I was going to use this first one the moment I saw it. 
This screams mystery to me. Who is the woman? Why did the man feel the need to be "dead" to be away from her? The woman found out when she went to his former house. Can you imagine that conversation?

Maybe he needs to take a hint from this guy?

Mystery Man Spells Out Heartbreak on His Van

 First of all, Dude, WHAT DID YOU DO?!?! Second, what makes  you think "Linda" is going to see your random van? Lastly, how is she supposed to respond? Throw herself on the hood? 
I could see this working for a sweet, light romance or a creepy, stalker thriller.

Speaking of creepy, stalker stuff

Woman Finds Ex-Boyfriend Living In Her Attic.

 Oh, the places you could go with this one. The article has details about how he was living up there and the fact he was staring at her through the ceiling vents.

 So, Swap with me!!! What could make of these? Heard any other good plots lately?

Return of the Friday Plot Swap!

Dawn's Plot Swap
Have a plot? Leave one.
Need a plot ? Take one.
It's Back!
I have missed swapping with you.
Have I got some stories for you this week!

Woman spends summer as mermaid 

This woman would make an awesome character! Her fiance is a pirate. Does it get any better than that?  

For the full effect, you really need to check out the video. 


Central Texas woman aims for skunk, shoots husband

This story caught my eye because allegedly she fired the gun outside. The bullet missed the skunk, ricocheted off a deck, traveled through a closed back door and hit the husband. Hmm, a bit stinky to me. :)  


 Mary Todd Lincoln to be retried for insanity

This is for my Historical writing friends, but the story kind of fascinated me. The plan is to have actors playing Lincoln and her son, but real judges acting as lawyers and trying the case according today's laws. Imagine the story of preparing for that, especially if it happened to parallel what was happening in the person's life at that time...or if the lawyer happen to fall for the actor! 


It's been too long.

Heard any good plots lately?