Friday Plot Swap: Mysterious Murder Style

It's been a while, right? 

Friday Plot Swaps used to be my favorite posts of the week. Then the world just got weird and I couldn't make myself sort through the insanity of the news to find anything interesting. 

But today, I'm feeling swappy! (haha, autocorrect did not like that word!) 

So here's what I have for you. 

Suspect in North Korea killing 'thought she was taking part in TV prank'

This story is over a year old, but this is first I've heard of it. This woman killed the half-brother of North Korea's dictator by spraying him in the face with a nerve agent IN PUBLIC.

She was with another woman who was actually wearing a shirt that read LOL.

She claims they were paid by someone filming a TV prank to get random men to close their eyes and then she'd spray them with water. (Because that's perfectly legit, right? "Hey, baby, you want to make a quick $20?" I mean, I guess there are worse things to be propositioned with, but Just Say No!)

So she did that several time and then, oops! Just happened to spray the half-brother of North Korea's dictator with "dangerous materials." 

Is she a master spy or unwitting accomplice? What about the other woman involved? The article talks about her movements in the days before this happened, and let's just say they are quite suspicious. 

There are so many places to go with this! International thriller. Romance between the unwitting accomplice and the determined lawyer who is going to keep her out of jail. Just so much to play with. 

My second offering for you today is an almost-murder. 

'Can I kill you' request met with tackle, arrest, Madison police say

First, I love how this headline refers to it as a "request", you know, similar to how you'd ask before you took a selfie with someone. Just a very courteous death threat. 

So these four teenagers are walking down the street (three girls, age 18 and one boy, age 19). This woman comes up and starts hugging the girls (RED FLAG! RED FLAG!) then steps back and calmly says, "Can I kill you tonight?" (RED FLASHING WARNING SIGN) then they noticed the STEAK KNIFE in her hand! (INSERT SHRIEKING ALARM BELL HERE). 

That's when, as the article states, the male "took the suspect to the ground."

Good boy! 

So no one was hurt and the woman was taken to a psychiatric care facility. 

What could you do with this? First thought was romance between the boy who tackled the polite-but-knife-wielding woman and the girl she had made her "request" to. Maybe this is first moment the girl sees him as more than friend. 

Or what about the woman who made the request? Or her family? How'd you like to be the daughter that gets the phone call that your mother very civilly asked to murder someone? 

What if the answer to her request had been, "Yes."? 

Well, this has been fun! 

What do you think? Should we bring back the Friday Plot Swaps? Did you miss them? 

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