Friday Plot Swap: Slumber Party Style

Dawn's Plot Swap

Have a plot? Leave it.

Need a plot? Take it. 

Let's swap scary slumber party stories! 

 First, I have to confess that I am a big, fat chicken. I don't do scary movies. I don't read horror. I listen to nothing that's going to keep me up at night with the covers tucked around my chin (because that's how my cousins taught me to protect myself from the vampires-- Thanks for that, by the way), staring at my closed bedroom door, wondering what just made that noise? It had to be something supernatural because I only live with three other humans, two large dogs, a bird, fish, hermit crab and snake. Nothing else could possibly have made a tapping noise other than the ghost of a demon-child out to eat my soul as a tasty midnight snack. 

But, remember slumber party ghost stories? The old, urban legend kind that scared everyone for about a minute, then you'd laugh and fill your mouth with another handful of M&M's and let it go...until someone had to pee and now suddenly all twelve of you were crammed in a tiny bathroom because there could be someone just waiting in there to kill you and leave a cryptic message to your fellow partiers on the mirror, "Aren't you glad you didn't turn on the light?" (Do you know that one?) 

So, let's swap some slumber party stories. I'll go first.

*This is not my story. I did not create it. One of my former students shared it with me. I'm just passing along what I remember* 

A teenage girl is babysitting this little kid. (First off, babysitting is always an open-invitation for bad stuff to happen to you. It's documented countless times in various books and movies. Parents should be required to pay for life insurance and provide hazard pay because these poor babysitters are always the first to go.) Anyway, girl is babysitting and the kid (let's make it a little boy named Matt. An adorable little boy with freckles and shaggy brown hair.) Matt asks babysitter (um, Susan) for some ice cream from the freezer, which, of course, is downstairs in the basement. (Another disclaimer: I'm from Texas. We don't have basements. So, the logistic of this story may require some suspended belief on the part of those who've actually lived in a house with one.). 

So, Susan goes down to the dark, scary basement (is there any other kind?) and while she's getting the ice cream, she notices someone outside the window. They seem a little too close to the house and Susan's a little concerned but she goes back upstairs to Matt and fixes his bowl of ice cream. But, now he wants some chocolate syrup. Susan's annoyed because, "Why didn't you tell me that the first time?" She goes back down to the basement (because evidently these people don't keep food in their kitchen). And, this time, she sees the person very clearly, too close to the house, looking in the window. 

She takes the chocolate syrup back up stairs and Matt asks for some nuts and cherries for his ice cream. Susan's really annoyed and freaked about the person looking in the window but she doesn't want to scare the little boy. So, she's thinking about calling 911 as she goes back down stairs and this time the person is not only looking in the window. They have a long, sharp knife and a crazed look in their eyes. 

Terrified, Susan runs back up the stairs only to find Matt dead in the kitchen with blood everywhere. She calls 911 and the police come. The parents come home in the middle of the chaos. The police are trying to calm Susan down. She keeps screaming about the person she saw outside the window in the basement. 

The mom of the boy is very confused and says, "There are no windows in basement. ONLY MIRRORS." 

Does that not just give you chills? 

Am I the only one who has almost had to kung fu fight their reflection because a mirror scared the holy hell out of them in the middle of the night? Or worse, your own reflection in a window? 

So, how could you turn this into a plot? Obviously, thrillers and suspense. Kind of hard to morph this into a romantic comedy. 

So, swap with me! What good slumber party stories do you remember? 

PSA: DO NOT GOOGLE "SLUMBER PARTY STORIES" unless you are looking for some more, um, interesting tales than what I had in mind! I'll just be in the corner, washing my eyes with bleach. 

Happy Friday!