Return of the Friday Plot Swap: How's Your Heart Ticking?

Dawn's Plot Swap

Have a plot? Leave it.

Need a plot? Take it. 

Before life slapped me around last year, the Friday Plot Swap was my favorite weekly post. Thanks to the magic of Facebook's "On This Day" feature, I've been reminded how much I fun I had with these. And then, some great plots fell in my lap. So this is what I have for you this week. 

How's your heart ticking?

That was one of my mom's favorite sayings. I thought it was appropriate for the two plot bunnies I found this week. 

What could you make out of these? Have you seen any stories that would make good plots lately?  (Click on the titles to see the full stories).

I left my heart in...Ohio? 

A coroner says a heart found in a plastic bag on the ground next to an Ohio gas station appears to be human. This was the one that sucked me back in. It screamed, "How can you read this and NOT have a Friday Plot Swap?" It was right. There is just so much to work with here. Serial killer leaving clues. Bitter ex-girlfriend of lab research assistant trying to sabotage him. What really cracked me up was the comments on the article. One person stated, "It would be easy to mis-identify a heart from a chimp or monkey for a human one..." Well, that clears everything up! Because it's totally commonplace to find a chimp's heart in a Ziploc at a gas station in Ohio. I will admit that I've never been to Ohio so I am in no position to offer an opinion on what may or may not be found in their gas station parking lots. 


I miss you. 

Speaking of hearts, if this video doesn't make yours just swell right out of your chest, you should make an appointment with a cardiologist, maybe a therapist as well. The expressions on these kids' faces say it all and the way he hugs her. It's like his whole world just became right again. Can you imagine the story possibilities here? These two reuniting as college students?  Or the long, twisted path that brings them back to the same airport as adults? Or even just a sweet picture book about the hardship of leaving your friends. *Sniff* I'm not crying. Onions. I bought too many onions. 

So, that's what I have for you today. 

How's your heart ticking?

Got any cute plot bunnies or even scary plot bunnies with fangs trying to lead you astray?  

Happy Friday!