Friday Plot Swap~ Solid Gold Style

Friday Plot Swap

Dawn's Plot Swap

Have a plot? Leave one.

Need a plot ? Take one.

Have I got a story for you this week! 
Can it be a coincidence both of the stories came out within days of  each other? 
I think not. 
This just begs to written

That could be an awesome story alone. Think of all the people who have to be planning and scheming how to steal even just a little of this money right now!
But, then you have to read this!

You know who is plotting to steal it?

What a great plot! 

Think of these characters: 
  • The reluctant thief who is only involved because he/she plans to use the loot to do something noble. 
  • The daughter of a former thief who wants to pull of a heist to shed doubt on her father's conviction. 
  • ooh, even better, the daughter of an former thief who infiltrates her father's old crew to pull off the heist and leave them hanging just like they did her dad. 
  • The police officer who just knows the tunnel robbers are going to make a move on the gold and wants to be ready for them. 
I could do this all day!
What do you got? 
Swap with me!