Friday Plot Swap: Clown Style

Dawn's Plot Swap

Have a plot? Leave it.

Need a plot? Take it. 

Let's clown around! 

*Special Bonus picture at the end of the post! 

My oldest daughter at 4 years old with a family friend who is a Fire Safety Clown with our local Fire station. 

My oldest daughter at 4 years old with a family friend who is a Fire Safety Clown with our local Fire station. 

So, how do you feel about clowns? I know they strike fear in the depths of some people's souls, but they've never really bothered me. Except Pennywise from Stephen King's It. That bastard haunted my nightmares as the poster child for unadulterated evil. 

Today's plot swap is actually brought to you by my husband. 

Isn't he a handsome guy? 

Isn't he a handsome guy? 

In the middle of a family evening this week, he looked up from his laptop and asked our two teenage daughters this question:

"If you were out somewhere, say near some woods and saw a person dressed as a clown, would you, under any circumstances, feel it was okay to follow that person in the woods?" 

Their facial expressions were pretty priceless. The oldest rolled her eyes as if that was the absolute lamest thing she'd ever heard of. The youngest looked genuinely horrified.

For the record, they both answered, "No." 

Then my husband forward me this link. 

(Trigger warning: In all seriousness, if clowns freak you out, do not click on this link because there are pictures of some pretty terrifying ones.) 

Tennessee officials warn that 'predator' clowns are luring children into the woods after a spate of eerie threats

The article is perfect for plot swapping. So, many ideas!

First, the Tennessee Highway patrol tweeted a warning about "possible predators" dressed as clowns luring children in to the woods. They included a fairly creepy looking picture of two clowns. The plot-twist? These were the WRONG CLOWNS. The picture wasn't even taken in Tennessee and the clowns in the photographer do some kind of clown/woods art thing. 

So, what if your protag accidentally got caught up in that? He's working birthday parties to make extra money, chases a lost dog into the woods and WHAM! His picture is all over the news a face-painted predator! 

BUT, WAIT! There's more! 

The article goes on to report a 20 year-old being arrested in another state because he was dressed as a clown and lurking in the woods near an apartment complex with no apparent reason. 

So, your protag is being stalked but people think she's crazy because it's a clown! That doesn't really happen. She must be drinking...again. 

Don't start writing yet! 

The next section of the article features a sheriff in Mississippi who put out this warning:

'Who ever [sic] you are running around in Tchula wearing a clown suit waving a sword and scaring the hell out of people, let me give you some advice,' Hampton wrote.

'STOP IT!!!! Because if I roll up on you and you wave that damn sword at me. IT'S GAME OVER SON!!! I'm gonna teacha how da duggy!!!'  


This man needs to be a character in a romantic comedy. A man who is just done with this nonsense. His love interest could be a woman (or man) who gets arrested for beating the crap out of Bozo, who was just doing his job making balloon animals for a car dealership opening. 


The article ends with reports of two schools being locked down and a young girl bringing a knife to school because she wants to protect herself from the clowns. YA book ala Christopher Pike, anyone? 

For the record, our family friends who volunteer as clowns are amazing people who would never hurt a child. 

So, swap with me! What could you do with this? Read any good plots lately? 

BONUS: as promised. Me, as a clown, circa 1992. 

There are plenty of stories to that go with this picture. I'll save them for another Friday.