Friday Plot Swap: Musical Style

Friday Plot Swap

Dawn's Plot Swap
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Old Country Style
No matter if you like country music or not, you have to admit they know how to tell a story.  Here are three country songs that have always sparked my imagination. 
Yeah, the stage was set when the lights went out, there was death in Tuscon town. Two shadows ran for the bar back door and one stayed on the ground. 
Both belonging to another But longing to be lovers.
Promising each other that the night will only know
Parked on some old backstreet.They laid down in the backseat
And fell into the fire down below.But they would pay for their deceiving for a deadly web was weaving.Why they picked that spot that evening Lord, the night will only know. Well within the innuendos just outside the steamy windows, the night was shattered by a woman's scream. Motionless and frightened, the grip of fate had tightened And with trembling hands they wiped away the steam

Seven Spanish Angels (Willie Nelson and Ray Charles) 

She reached down and picked the gun up that laying smoking in his hand. She said, "Father, please forgive me, but I can't live without my man." And she knew the gun was empty and she knew she couldn't win.

I know there are many, many more. 
So, swap with me.
What is your favorite story-telling song (country or not)?