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What's your favorite line?
In the movie Light of Day
Michael J. Fox is trying to show his nephew how you can write a song about anything. They turn on the TV and catch a snippet of a man saying, "You've got no place to go." Then, write a song based on that line.
Sometimes, that is how I plot. I get a line stuck in my head, then I start to work on the setting and the characters. What would have led them to say that. So, here are a few of my lines from three different WIPs.
"When you pick out clothes in the morning, you never think they'll  be covered in your loved ones' blood by the end of the day." 

“You are marked as a seer,”he repeated.
            “And you are marked as a traitor,”she answered. “Neither of us would be as we seem.”

"Let’s name the Newfoundland, Tiny. Won’t that be cute? Everyone will think it's great.” She yanked the leash. “Yeah, great idea. Grant… Great idea… Almost as good an idea as you running off with Malibu Barbie and her Chihuahua. Seriously, I have tennis shoes bigger than that ugly rat."
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