Answering my own questions

Thinking about Thursday

Who am I?

On Tuesday, I asked you to tell me about yourself. Today, I am telling about about me. I did this once before when I had I think, um, three followers or so. You can read it here.

My name is Dawn.I live in Texas. I write mystery and suspense with romantic elements. I have stopped saying romantic suspense because there is much more suspense than romance. I am working on that.

I love to read just about anything, except horror ('cause I am a big fraidy-cat and scary stuff can freak me out for weeks). Some of my favorite authors (other than those I have featured on this site) are Janet Evanovich, JD Robb (yes, I know it is really Nora Roberts) and I becoming a Suzanne Brockman fan. Evidently, I am addicted to using ( )'s.

I spend my day with teenagers. Weird irony, I couldn't wait to get out of high school and now I am perpetually stuck there. 

        I come home to an awesome husband, 
two terrific daughters

and my writing buddy, A one year old mix (of what, we aren't sure) who thinks the other side of my love seat is his. 
Old Picture. He is about 30 lbs heavier now!

And, finally, I am hard on electronics. I have managed to crash two hard drives at work and one personal computer in three years. In fact, the lack of pictures for this post is brought to you by my now defunct laptop. I finally got into my back up and pulled some of the pictures I wanted for this post. Wow, setting up a new computer is tedious!