Friday Plot Swap~ The Musical

Friday Plot Swap

Dawn's Plot Swap
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I don't write with music playing. For me, it is too much of a distraction. But, each of my WIPs have their own soundtrack. These are songs I listen to when I am stuck that remind me of the theme and direction of the story. 
For our Friday Plot Swap, here are a few that have sparked my imagination

Look at this photograph. Every time I do it makes me laugh. How did our eyes get so red? And what the hell is on Joey's head?
(Or Joe Eli or Robert Earl Keen)
They left the lawman dying. They made their get away. Got back to the motel just before the break of day. Sonny gave her all the money and he blew a little kiss. If they ask you how this happened say I forced you into this. 
(Yes, I know Simon and Garfunkel did it first)

Hang on to your hopes, my friend. That's an easy thing to say, but if your hopes should pass away, simply pretend that you can build them again. 
So, what songs make your brain start ticking or  help you barrel through writer's block? Leave us a few lyrics for Friday Plot Swap!