Getting it together

Tell Me Your Story Tuesday
My younger daughter, age 4

So, I've been hiding. You may have noticed from the lack of a Friday Plot Swap (usually my favorite post). Also, I've spent very little time on twitter or Facebook. It's not that I've become anti-social. I just got stuck.

RWA Nationals pretty much knocked the wind out of me. The complete opposite of what I expected. I blogged about that here. I received awesome support and feedback. Which I appreciated while I was cleaning out my closet instead of editing. It still looks really pretty. You can see the pictures here.

Before I could make myself jump back into writing, I started a new job.

But, I think I've finally got it all together. I am excited about writing again. I'm excited about blogging and I am SOOOO ready to do some plot swapping. Have I got some stories for you!

Since it is Tuesday, tell me your story. Have you ever had to take a break and regroup? What worked best for you? Did you even notice Fridays have been dull and swapless?