Don't Forget...

Thinking about Thursday

  I am a huge fan of the Dear Teen Me site. If you've never visited there, you should pop over (after you finish reading my blog, of course).

 Many of the letters the authors there write to their teen self focus on reassuring themselves that they will make it through whatever struggle seems insurmountable to them as teens. 

Today, I was thinking about a different take on that.

If you could go back to yourself at any point in your life, what would you want to remind yourself to do because it's going to turn out amazingly cool? 

No cheating. It has to be something you actually did with unexpected results. Not going back and telling yourself to invent the internet or something.

Mine would look like this.

Dear 20-something Dawn,
When Anita invites you to visit her church, GO.  Head to Sunday School even though you don't feel like it and talk to the cute guy in the boot and jeans even though you don't like guys with facial hair. 
Just trust me. 
Slightly-older-than-20-something Dawn

So, what would you want to remind yourself to do?