What are you reading?

Tell Me Your Story Tuesday
Now that I'm starting to settle into summer. I'm already getting restless.
 I need some books!

I tried (again) to finish the most recent book in a certain number series by a very beloved author. And, I just can't do it. I have put the book down three times. Sadly, I have reached the point where I don't care about the characters. 

 I need some suggestions! 
What are you reading this summer? 
I don't do horror (Me= Big, fat fraidy cat) 
but, I'll read just about anything else. 
Adult, YA, Suspense, Inspirational, Erotic, whatever. 

Mostly, I need something to keep me on the treadmill.
I read every morning while I walk. If I am into the story, I walk longer. 

Let's hear it. 
What should I read this summer?