Friday Plot Swap~ It's a Jungle Out There!

Dawn's Plot Swap
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Need a plot ? Take one.
Let's visit our friends in the animal kingdom.
Does anyone else see a contemporary romance in the making here? If you read the article, you will see they have called in all sorts of experts to "save" this marriage. 
Maybe an animal therapist must team up with a cynical caretaker to save a dying species?  
First of all, I had NO idea there were so many "psychic" animals used to predict sporting outcomes. Octopus, ferrets, pigs, raccoons... Wow. 
What interested me about this article is that it is human psychics pshawing the abilities of the animals. What if a psychic (or not-so-psychic) human was pitted against one of these animals? What if both of their lives depended on the outcome?
And  a bonus for you, since I know you all missed our plot swap last week. 
So, swap with me! Got any good animal stories? Or eater-of-household-products-turned-felon stories? 
Or just an orphaned plot you think deserves a good home?