Friday Plot Swap~ Unexplained Death Style

Dawn's Plot Swap
Have a plot? Leave one.
Need a plot ? Take one.
As a mystery writer, I found all of these irresistible this week. My brain (which should be editing) is coming up with so many new, shiny ideas.
What could you do with them? 

A man with $180,000 in a bag, a history of bank robberies and mafia connections stepped off a train in NYC and died. How many different ways could that go? There is even a quote from his straight-laced, embarrassed son. Hello, wounded hero with shadowy heritage!

And, my personal favorite: 

British spy found dead in sports bag was 'probably killed unlawfully,' coroner says

DUH! The man was found in a duffle bag with a padlock on it! Think he was playing Houdini? Of course, the added information that several thousand dollars of women's clothing was also in his apartment adds a nice little twist.

So, swap with me! What could you do with these? What's been floating around in your imaginary world lately?