Police, Pranks and Popping the Question

Dawn's Plot Swap
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Need a plot ? Take one.
I went for a little bit of variety this week. 

You know this is a "Rogue, hard-boiled detective gets slapped back to traffic duty but uncovers the crime of his career" story waiting to happen! Or, if you prefer romance, "speeding woman swerves to miss a leprechaun in the road and is ticketed by the hot police officer of her dreams." 
Can you think of any better ideas?
My first thought with this one was
But there are several other ways this could go, maybe the number wasn't random. Maybe the girl knows something and was trying to get help. Or maybe it doesn't go to a police officer, but someone else who strikes up a friendly conversation claiming to be a classmate from her school, but is he really what he says? 

The lure of a $6000 diamond ring on the special date of February 29 prompted a Dunedin woman to pop the question...

I loved that she asked him. Evidently, there is some kind of English tradition of woman asking men on Leap Day. So much you could do with that. 
So, Swap with me! Could you make something good out of these? What do you have going on in your WIP right now? Heard any good plots lately ?