Friday Plot Swap~ Spring Break Style

Dawn's Plot Swap
Have a plot? Leave one.
Need a plot ? Take one.
         As my fabulous critique partner, Teri Anne Stanley, said yesterday:

Well, Heaven knows we all have a few spring break stories that we should NEVER EVER tell.

As usual, she is right! 
So, instead of telling mine, I thought some 
 might do the trick. 


Have you seen Dave? He's not on top of the bar anymore but I found his shirt.


Dude, so the police showed up at my house with my wallet told me they found it in the church fountain then handed me a pamphlet on AA saying it was from the pastor. What happened?








So I met my girlfriends dad last night. Or should I say I re-met that mall cop that had to tackle me.

 So, swap with me! In what kind of wild situation could  your characters use these lines as dialogue? Got any good Spring Break stories you want to share? Let it all out. We won't judge!