Soul Soothingness of Silly Socks

Thinking about Thursday

 Soul Soothingness 
(Yes, I created that word)
Silly Socks
My actual feet

        It's finals week again. You might have noticed from the lack of useful blog post that my brain has official turned to Tapioca pudding.
      To quote Dilbert: 
I feel like I am drowning and monkeys dressed as lifeguards are throwing me anvils.

But, I have a secret that makes me smile...I like silly socks.  In my job, my wardrobe is required to be pretty plain. Solid colors, no patterns or stripes. So, about a year ago I decided to invest in some whimsy...I started with socks. 
I know you are probably thinking, is she really going to do a whole blog post about her socks? The answer is no. I'm also going to talk about my friend's underwear. 

One of my dear friends (you know who you are.) once told me that she likes cute (Not sexy, think happy faces~ not thongs) underwear when she has a big presentation or stressful meeting.  On the surface, she is all business. But, underneath it reminds her to keep her sense of humor and not take the world so seriously. 

That is the theory behind my silly socks. 
Yesterday, another co-worker was wearing a particularly cute and very sparkly outfit. When I complimented her on it, she told me, "I have meeting this afternoon with a person who isn't nice to me. This is my way of reminding myself I don't have to be negative back." 

Sounds like good advice to me.
So, what's your secret? Do you have silly socks? Smiley underwear? A special ring or something else that makes you happy when you wear it?