Time to lock up Boris

Thinking about Thursday

It's NaNoWriMo Time!

That means its time to lock up Boris. My ugly troll-like internal editor. He likes to shake his head at me and say things like, "They are all just talking heads! Make them do something!" or "Really? That was the best you could do?"  He resembles Thimbletack from the Spiderwick Chronicles.
He starts off looking like this:
Good Boris

Then he gets angry and frustrated with my progress. He starts to howl and wail. Then he turns to this.
Bad Boris

He prefers honey, but I supplement with extra sticky peanut butter, especially during NaNo.

Sorry, Boris, time to get in your cage. It's only 30 days. I am sure you understand. See you December 1st! 

So, do you have a Boris? If you are NaNo-ing or if you are just writing, how's it going? Need some extra sticky peanut butter?  I buy in bulk. I'll be happy to share.