Throw Me a Line

Thinking about Thursday


I have developed this weird aversion to Kay Jeweler commercials.  

I'm right here and I always will be. BLEH!

Maybe I am just not a hopeless romantic enough to buy into these kinds of lines. Maybe if they were being said to me by the right person, I might swoon into their arms. Maybe it is the overly awkward delivery in this commercial that makes me want to set fire to their little cabin and drive them out into the storm.

It reminded me of an experience several years ago. (*ahem* by several I mean over a decade ago. I've been married a long time.) This one guy was particularly fascinated by my southern accent. He kept asking me to say words because he liked the way it sounded.
He eventually leaned forward in a slightly drunken haze and said,  "Say sugar." When I did, he sighed and said, "I could listen to you talk all night. You sound just like my mother."

and that was the end of that conversation.

So, what about you? Got any great lines you want to share with the rest of us? What's the best line you've heard? What's the worst? Have any scenes you wish you could write out the horrible cheesiness?