Friday Plot Swap: Things that make you go hmm...

Have a plot? Leave one!

Need a plot ? Take one!
I needed a change after last week's ghost stories. Some of those are still creeping up on me while I am walking around the house alone...Did you hear that?*looks over shoulder*

So, here are some stories to get the creative mind turning this week. Let me know what you think!

Giant Lego Man!


I have been dying to throw this one in since I heard about it!
  Just so many possibilities!

This has a video to compare before and after. I think it would make a great character device. Is it real? Is she faking? Is she actually a former spy with amnesia?

Speeding I was. Drinking I might
This one entertained me on two levels. 
One, Yoda is one of my favorite characters for weird reasons I will go into some other time.
Two, I was in a minor collision a few years ago. A man hit me from behind. When he jumped out of his car to be sure everyone was okay, he was dressed in full pirate garb. Jack Sparrow style. Sword and everything. He spoke with an English accent, called me "love" and wrote his insurance information on the back of a "treasure map".
True Story.

So, Swap with me. What's going on in your world these days?