Did you feel that?

Tell Me Your Story Tuesday

There's a whole lotta shakin' goin' on!
Here's a little Jerry Lee Lewis to get you going today.

Traumatic Childhood Story:
  When I was four or five, my uncle (who was a teenager at the time) was supposed to be watching me. Instead, he was locked in his room on the phone with his girlfriend. I had been outside playing and innocently wandered in to turn on the TV.
This is was met my impressionable eyes.
The Exorcist
A young girl with this face writhing and screaming on a bed . Being unfamiliar with concept of demon possession, I assumed there must be something under her bed making her move like that.  
Needless to say, I ran screaming into my uncle's room who tried to bribe me with every thing under the sun to not tell my mom. It didn't work. 

Fast Forward to Current Day:

Saturday night I was powering through my NaNoWriMo. Kids in bed. Husband gone hunting. Just me and a sleeping dog on the couch, driving up that word count. 

That was until the couch started shaking. First, I thought the dog must be "cleansing himself". I mumbled something to him about needing a sense of modesty. 
He was sleeping. 
The couch continued to quiver. 
I noticed the TV seemed to be flexing a bit also.

Then the image above jumped back into my head. 

If had been laying in my bed, my husband would probably be posting this to inform you I would "unavailable" while the doctors tried to coax me out of my catatonic state. 

Evidently, it was just an earthquake.

No, no, no, no, no.

We don't do earthquakes. 
Tornadoes? Sure.
Sandstorms? Absolutely.
Fire, flood, sometimes even hurricanes? Yep.

Earthquakes? Nope. Not our list!

So, tell me your story. 
Did you feel that?