Friday Plot Swap~Two snakes and some gnomes

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I am feeling kind of random today. So, this swap is a mixed bag. In honor of all the responses I got to my gecko post yesterday, I've included two "EWWW"-inducing stories and, of course, gnomes. Because everything goes better with gnomes. 

Player startled by snake in helmet

Gravette High School senior Darrick Strzelecki said he felt something odd in his helmet during practice Tuesday, but thought it was only a tangled lock of hair or sweat beading up as the team worked on extra points. 

It was a 10-12 inch snake! Kind of makes my gecko look small and inconsequential, huh? Imagine working that into a creepy, stalker plot. Psycho girl puts snake in boy's helmet. 

Snake slithers out of moving SUV's hood

Rachel Fisher said she was driving the sport-utility vehicle on Sam Cooper Boulevard with her husband...when the snake emerged from beneath the hood and started slithering on the windshield.

"and that's why the car is totaled, officer."  
 This could be a great start to a romantic comedy or maybe a horror. It could easily set the tone either way!

Gnomes in protective custody  

 The creatures vary in sizes and materials and were part of what is believed to be an end-of-the-year prank at Capital High School.

About 20 gnomes were affixed to several locations at the facility, including on the roof, at the end of May.

This one cracked me up because I know kids who would pull this prank. But, what if one of the Gnomes was evil? Or what if one of the kids saw something he shouldn't while sneaking into a garden to steal a gnome? 

 So, swap with me. What would you do with these? Or your own stories this week? You can check out the comments of yesterday's post for more "icky" stories.