Are you out?

Thinking about Thursday

Are you out as a writer?
       I have close friends. I mean,"on-the-emergency-card-to-pick-the-kids-up-from-school" kind of close friends, who have no idea I am a writer. No clue. 
      For years, no one knew I was a writer. If I told them there was the danger of someone actually asking to read my work. There was also the danger they would say something like, "That's nice." and change the subject. Both would have been equally horrifying. 
      The problem is now I am at the awkward stage. I am like an adolescent in the writing world. I am learning everything I can. I am working hard to prove I can do this. But, I get all shy and mumbly when asked to talk about it.
     To add to the awkwardness is the "Why didn't you tell me?" factor. Like I said, some of the closest people to me have no idea. How exactly do I break it to them? "Oh, by the way, I have four completed novel-length manuscripts, a blog, author Facebook page and twitter account. What? I haven't mentioned any of that to you before? Weird." 
So, where are you? Do you tell everyone you meet you are a writer? Or only a close few? Any suggestions on breaking the news to those who probably should have been told a while back? Do you think it is harder or easier on you for everyone to know?