What's on your list?

Thinking about Thursday
Last week on Facebook , I asked this question:
"If you were going to do something, just to prove to yourself you could, what would you do? Feel free to add why."
I got two responses: Run a Marathon and hike through the wilderness of Alaska. ( Thank you, Teri~ critique partner extraordinaire and Scott, my best friend's brother-in-law) 

That tells me either a.) the rest of you have no hopes and dreams or b.) you were ignoring me. I am going to go with A. You would never ignore me, right? 

In a few weeks, I will be reviewing this book: 

*My first book review! I am so excited!*

The first part of the book talks about Dreams. What do you wish you could accomplish. Kathi suggest writing down 50. I am having trouble coming up with more than 5.

Now, these are dreams, not goals. They don't have to be something attainable or even doable.  
Here is what I have come up with:

1. See a stranger reading my published book. ( That would  mean. Not only is it published, but someone actually paid for it!)
2. Go to Hawaii
3. Learn how to shoot a gun. (Yes, honey, I know this one makes you proud.)
4. Drive a car more than 100 mph (in a safe controlled environment~ not on I-35.)
5. Have a great relationship with my daughters even through their teens. (Yes, I know. DREAMS, remember? I said, DREAMS.)
So, what's on your list?
Not necessarily a "Bucket List". But more a "I-am-proving-I-can-do-this" list.