Sunset of Summer

Tell Me Your Story Tuesday

                            I officially returned to work yesterday. In reality, I have been back since last Monday.  But, yesterday marked the true end of my summer.

                           Thursday, I will be revisiting the summer goals I set for myself here. Today, I want to reflect on the highlights.

Dawn's Best Moments of Summer: 

  • Two successful birthday parties

  • One great night remembering what it was like to be fourteen years old.

  •     Lots of time hanging out with these two. Just like this.

  • And even a few moments with this guy. 

That was my summer. No relaxing vacation. No exciting adventure. Just my life and you know what? That was okay.

So, tell me your story. What was your summer like? Did you have a grand adventure? Did you just enjoy the sunshine? Is your summer coming to a close like mine? Or do you have a few precious weeks left?