My Space

Thinking about Thursday

I have been reading Stephen King's
On Writing .

I found it fascinating he did most of his early writing in a laundry room in his family's trailer. He discusses later having an office and a great desk. The desk eventually becomes a symbol of his career's place in his life. my favorite section was when he talks about starting to write part of Misery in a hotel at desk used by Rudyard Kipling .

King says this about a writer's need for space:  

"You can read anywhere, almost, but when it comes to writing... most of us do our best in a place of our own." 

I have a desk. 
Isn't it pretty? The picture really doesn't do it justice. It is a beautiful desk with all kinds of little drawers and cubbies. I love it. 

I would love to show you the inside. I really would, but unfortunately, that would cause an avalanche of old paperwork, children's art work and a pile of pictures I never seem to get into an album. 

This is where I write. 
  The left side is mine. 
The right side belongs to this guy. 
 He gets up every time I do, so he was utterly confused by my attempts to get a picture of him in his spot on the couch.

So, that is my space. Tell me about yours. Do you have a beautiful desk, but write on a love seat? Are you in the laundry room of a double wide trailer? Do you have  a furry friend who keeps you company?  

Feel free to add a picture or two. You can post them on your own blog and give the link. We can do a blog-hop. I love seeing pictures of where other people work.