Friday Plot Swap~Time Travel Style

Friday Plot Swap

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I am Beta reading a YA Time Travel right now for the great Janet B. Taylor. 
I have enjoyed it so much I decided to we needed a 
Time Travel Plot Swap
My favorite time travel type thing was  
Quantum Leap
Loved this show
I am also a fan of the movie 
Paul Walker and Gerald Butler
What's not to like? 

Which is based on this book by Michael Crichton.

And, what discussion of time travel would be complete without
Back to the Future ?
I decided to include the ZZ Top video that summarizes the whole trilogy.

And I will confess to having a HUGE crush on Michael J. Fox, until I found out he is short. 
So, swap with me. What is your favorite Time Travel plot (book or movie)? 

Bonus: If you could time travel, "when" would you go and why?