Friday Plot Swap~Reality Style

Friday Plot Swap

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Reality Style
 Ever have something happen to you or someone around you that would make a great plot? 

Here is what I have for you this Friday:
 For those of you writing YA:
When I was fourteen, I met a boy at an amusement park. He lived across the country. After seeing each other twice that weekend, we wrote letters every week (no cell phones or internet) for three years. A week before my senior prom, I broke up with my boyfriend and as a graduation gift, my parents flew my pen-pal down to be my date. 
For those of writing mystery or suspense:
Three members of my mom's immediate family all died in the same week in July. Exactly 8 years apart. 
For those of you writing paranormal:
My oldest daughter had an imaginary friend until she was five. Her friend's name was "Grammy" and, obviously, a grandmother type. She had all of her Pre-K teachers convinced Grammy was real. She talked about spending weekends with Grammy, getting ice cream and Grammy's cute dog having an accident on the rug. This was all sweet until she started talking about Grammy spanking her with a tree limb. This is a child who has never been swatted with anything other than a hand in her life and has never seen any one beat with a "switch". The weirdest was one night when she told me about going to see Grammy. But Grammy was in bed, wouldn't wake up and her face was blue. Then she didn't talk about Grammy anymore.
So, swap with me! What's happened to you or someone around you or your neighbor's cousin's sister-in-law's best friend that would make a great plot?