I am not pouting...

Thinking about Thursday
My daughter, age 4. She hates this picture.

                   In case you wondering how I am doing while most of my writer friends are off in New York city at RWA Nationals... I'm fine! I mean, really, who wants to go to NYC anyway?

First of all, the weather. Looks like the high there today is 85 degrees? Really, it is SUMMER time, people. What kind of wimpy place has a high of 85 on the last day of June? The high here today...101. Now that is what you call summer time!

Second, is the entertainment. While my friends are going to amazing workshops, author signings and grand dinners, I have the pleasure of viewing classics such as Jem and the Holograms. I also get to see my girls swim from one end of a pool to another.. approximately 42 times a day. Back and forth...back and forth...back and...

 And last, thanks to the wonders of Twitter I don't even have to be at the conference. I can see all the fun happening just by following #RWA11. Lucky me. I can following links to my friends pictures of seeing famous people, grabbing adult beverages and hanging with their favorite authors without leaving the comfort of my couch.

So, see, I am fine. Just fine. I'm just going to go sit by myself for a while...*sniff*
So, what are you doing today instead of sitting at a silly ol' National conference?