Mental Health Day

Tell Me Your Story Tuesday

Mental Health Day
This is actually a picture of a mud puddle.

I am taking the day off. 
I never just use a personal day unless I have a sick kid, mom in the hospital or a three-inch deep river flooding from my hot water heater through my house.

Thankfully, I am experiencing none of that at the moment. 
I am still taking the day off. 

One of my dear friends from college, a man no less, taught me the value of a mental health day. He would often abandon all of us and take what he referred to as a "me day". It usually involved taking himself to lunch, a movie and some shopping. 
Today, for reasons I won't bore you with here,
I desperately need a "Me Day".

I haven't decided exactly what to do.
Other than, nothing I don't want to do.
So, Tell Me Your Story. Do you take Me Days? If you do or could, what would you do? What would be your favorite place to spend a day alone?