How do you do it?

Tell Me Your Story Tuesday

This is Prickles, the Pressure Porcupine. I won him after leaving a comment on Keli Gwyn's blog. He sits next to my writing area and reminds me to spread out my pressure. Not put all of it on one quill.

This time of year is crazy for me. It is the end of the school year. Contrary to popular myth, ALL of the students, not just seniors, can smell freedom. It is basically like teaching a bunch of over-excited Chihuahuas.

Then there are my own girls who have birthdays within 3 weeks of each other. Field trips, end of the year celebrations, end of season games, girl scout camping...It makes me tired just to look at my Google calendar!

Somewhere in there, I am supposed to write. Carve out hours of quiet time, sit reflectively and magically get these stories in my head out in a calm and orderly manner. I am still working on exactly how. < See all the adverbs in that paragraph? That should tell you something about my current mental state.>

So, tell me your story? How do you it all? When do you write? Are you a get up hours before the rest of the world type? Or stay awake long past everyone else is in bed type?

Also, I am looking for authors to feature on Tell Me Your Story Tuesday. If you are working toward publication or have a new release you would like to tell us about, email me at the address in my profile and let's get to know you!