Friday Plots Swap~End of the World Style

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Have you seen a news story that got your wheels turning? 
Do you have a plot in your head that would make a great story, just not one you intend to write?  
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Maybe you have heard that some are predicting the end of the world tomorrow. In that case, you won't need any of these. 
While I am pretty sure we are all still going to be hanging out on May 22nd, this article about the May 21st believers caught my attention :

 What if the world is still around on May 22nd? I think how these people will go on and if they will manage to rebuild their lives could be a fascinating story.

This article about
caught my eye also.
I particularly liked #23
Last, I know it has been done. 
This is a slightly different take on a 

It would be interesting to incorporate into a sweet romance about someone trying to accomplish these before the end of the world.
(Skip the dying at the end part~I am a happily ever after person. Except for the people I kill off in my murder mysteries, but you know how that goes. )

So, swap with me! There is a good possibility, at least in my world, that we are all still going to be here tomorrow. If that is the case, then I will have some writing to do! 

Any ideas floating around you want to share with us?