What's in your WIP file?

Thinking about Thursday

What's in Your Wallet WIP File?

    Rather than risk copyright infringement with Capital One (I know their ad people are reading my blog all the time, right?) I decided to use a picture of my poor (in every sense of the word) husband after we had to buy the entire family new shirts at Sea World. That whole, "splash zone" thing is seriously a warning. Who knew?

    But it isn't our best/only family vacation I am thinking about today. Nope, today I am thinking about a little folder on in my documents file titled "Work in Progress." I always have several  WIPs going at a time. Some are new and shiny. A few are polished and refined, but most are soft and warm. Like my favorite jeans. I know them, they have been with me for years. Several will never be finished. I just love the characters too much to let them go.

   Here is a peek into my file:
  • 6,000 word completed short story tentatively titled Homecoming
  • 50,000 word completed novel in various stages of revision. Currently out to crit partner. Awaiting final polish
  • 50,000 word completed NaNoWriMo novel from 2009 in various stages of revision currently on hold.
  • 51,000 word semi complete NaNoWriMo novel from 2010 on hold
  • 22 incomplete works in progress  varying in length from 1,023 words to a 17,000 word "character sketch" that took on a life of it's own.
So, what's in your WIP file?  
Are you working on your first novel? 
Or do you have several going/finished?