Never as Good as the Book?

Thinking about Thursday

Are movies ever as good as the books? Updated with my Movie review of 

I recently overheard several teenage girls  involved in a lively discussion about a certain popular book series (yes, that one with the girl and the vampire and the werewolf). Their conversation focused on comparing the books and the movies. They were particularly blunt about their disappointment in the lack of acting ability.  
One made the passionate speech:
I read all of the books. Talked about it everyday with my friends. Watched every trailer, marked off days on a calendar, stood in line for two hours to see the 12:05 showing and THAT is the best they could do?

So, I have been thinking. 

Are any movies ever as good as the books?

Like the upcoming:

I am worried. I really am. This is one of my favorites. I know how the characters should look. I know how they should sound and I've been burned before.

Did any of you see the movie for this one? 

I think they forgot to take advantage of the "LOOK INSIDE" feature!



When I first ran this post, almost a year ago, I really wanted to be wrong about this movie. I truly wanted to like it...*Sigh*

I can't say I was disappointed, but I think the definition of disappointed involves expecting something better. Let's just say, I wasn't surprised. 

I spent the whole movie thinking, "It's all wrong! Wrong, wrong, wrong!"

Yes, I get that the movie can't be an exact copy of the book. They have "creative license" or whatever, but UGH! 

Here is my list of complaints:  

  • Katherine Heigl~ She just doesn't have the right body. Much of the book focuses on Stephanie being short and curvy. Katherine is neither. She is almost taller than Ranger! (If you are familiar with the books, you realize that is just an impossibility.)
  •  Ranger~ In the interest of full disclosure, I will admit I heart Ranger. Morelli is okay, but Ranger makes my heart go pitter-patter. Yeah, this guy... not so much.  Don't get me wrong. He's not hideous. He just wouldn't have me swooning like the 6'5 ripped, hunk of man Ranger is in my dreams.................What? Oh, sorry, where was I? 
  •  Grandma Mazur~ Sorry, Mrs. Reynolds, but you are too young and too pretty to be Grandma. Grandma is old, like dinosaur old, and overly wrinkled. She also doesn't dress as well as you. 
and then there are the plot changes.  
 I won't include any spoilers because according to my husband if you aren't overly concerned (Um, I think the words he used might have been "crazily obsessed", but, you know, whatever.) about the appearance of the characters, it is a pretty good movie. 

  There is one part I just can't let go. Lula is thrown in the street, not left on the fire escape. Which seems like a little thing, until you connect it to what happens in the future books on the fire escape. 

And don't even get me started on the ending! 

What movie do you think does the book justice? What movies have you anxiously awaited only to be disappointed? If you have seen  One for the Money, what is your opinion of the movie?