Write What You Know?

Thinking about Thursday
*This blog repeat brought to you by Finals week*

Write what you know? 
You've heard this, right? I have never understood it. 
I write romantic suspense.
Emphasis on  suspense rather than romance, which you already know if you read my previous post.
To date, I have never been stalked by a serial killer, kidnapped,  shot at, or even used a firearm myself. My experience with bullets is limited to taking the picture above. I don't even like scary movies.

So, exactly, how am I suppose to write what I know? I mean, unless someone wants to read about me being viciously attacked by a sink of dirty dishes or the wild car chase to get my daughter to gymnastics. I don't know much!

This lead me to what I am thinking about today. How did you choose your genre? Or did it choose you? 

Mystery and suspense feel natural to me. But, my personality is far from dark and brooding. In everyday conversation, I am good at making people laugh. I struggle with bringing that humor to my stories.

When I was dreaming of being a writer as a child, I wanted to be Judy Blume. Now, I spend everyday in a room thick with teenage angst. But, I have no desire to write YA. I couldn't be surround by it all day then delve deeper in my writing time. 

At some point, I have to step away from what I know and escape into what I write.

So, what about you? Why do write what you write? Did you choose your genre or did it choose you?