Book Review Policy

Thank you for considering me to review your book. I love reading and talking about great stories. 

Let's chat for a moment to see if my review style is a good fit for you.
I love mystery, suspense, romance, and women's fiction. I like young adult that is not overly-angsty and has a fresh twist. I live with two teenagers. I experience the angst first-hand. 

I read non-fiction on a very limited basis, mostly about writing or household organization.

 I am not the person you want to review horror (I am a big, fat chicken!), erotica or children's books. 

I prefer digital books to print. I have a literal mountain of print books in my office and more still boxed up my living room. If print is your only option, I will still consider your book but you might have to explain to my husband why that mountain keeps getting taller.

I don't use a review scale. Sorry, no stars, butterflies, puppy dogs, etc. I treat my reviews like I'm speaking to a friend. I will be honest about what I liked and what I didn't. If I agree to review a book but cannot finish it or feel my review would not be in your best interest, I reserve the right not to post a review. 

Right now, my response time is about 2-4 weeks for reading and reviewing. If you have a specific date you would like the review posted, I can try to accommodate that based on my current schedule. 

I usually post the review to my blog, Amazon and Goodreads. If you would like to quote my review somewhere else, please let me know first. 

I am open to reviewing traditional published as well as professionally edited/formatted independently published books. 

I am open to participating in blog tours featuring author interviews and hosting giveaways on a case-by-case basis. Usually, I only do this for authors with whom I already have a relationship. 

All this sound good to you? 

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